Manali Adventure Tour

Kullu Manali Paragliding Adventure Tour

Kullu Manali Paragliding Adventure Tour

Solang Nala is situated 14 km from the scenic city of Manali, at an altitude of 8135 feet. This is a place offering adventurous activities in both summers and winters. Solang Nala is located near the Kullu Valley and has vast snow fields and slopes that are safe and ideal for various activities like Skiing, Trekking, Camping, Paragliding, etc. It is a joyous experience to soar over the snow-capped fields and mountains in a paraglide and this is the closest you can get to fulfill your dream of flying like a bird.

Paragliding: An Exciting Sport

What exactly is Paragliding? Paragliding involves gliding over rivers, mountains, planes, etc. suspended from a paraglide. A paraglide is composed of a harness, a fabric and elastic wires that are used to attach a person to the harness. The first step in paragliding is to attach oneself securely to the harness that is fastened to the fabric, which acquires the desired shape once it is suspended in the air. For beginners, paragliding can be an appalling sport. In fact, trying anything for the first time causes apprehension and fear but once you have excelled at it, it becomes joyous and favorable. The same goes for Paragliding. It may seem a very dangerous sport, but once you have perfected the art of soaring above the skies, with the help of nothing but a piece of fabric and a harness, then you would realize the true joy of paragliding.

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