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Food Guide

Food Guide

Kullu Manali is a beautiful and a charming hill station that is a leading holiday destination in the country. The cuisine of the area is reflective of the climate and the surroundings of these twin hill towns. The weather is cold and pleasant and the food has been modified accordingly to suit the regional requirements. The most common food dishes in Kullu Manali are typically of North India cuisine where the main staple dishes are rice, lentils, vegetables and bread. Non-vegetarian food is also popular and a lot of spices are used such as cinnamon, cloves, red chilies and cardamom.

Kullu Manali is a popular holiday destination and people from all over the country visit this beautiful place therefore all kinds of cuisine are easily available at this place. There are a variety of food dishes in Kullu Manali and depending on individual preferences one can choose to enjoy what one likes. The food available in Kullu Manali is a distinctive mix of cuisines, which allows you to choose from a wide variety of food dishes ranging from Indian, Punjabi and South Indian to Chinese and Continental. Since Kullu Manali is a hill station therefore the urge or the temptation to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea is irresistible and the wide array of cafes and restaurants are ideal to cozy up with a good book or just marvel at the views while you sip on a hot cup of brew.

However, Kullu and Manali also boast of a distinctive local cuisine and one of the most popular dishes is fresh corn flour that is grounded with water and eaten with milk for breakfast. The most popular food items include both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Some of the most popular vegetarian dishes are kaddu ka khatta, guchhi matter and sepu vadi while famous non-vegetarian dishes include kullu trout, grilled fish and chicken anaardana. Traditional desserts like mittha, which is a sweet rice preparation and nasasta, a sweetmeat belonging to Kangra region are also popular with tourists from all over the country. Another famous Kullu Manali food dish that is made especially during festive season is called dham, which is an elaborate mid day meal and the preparation for it begins the night before. It is served in courses on leaf plates and the menu consists of rice, moong dal and rajma cooked in yoghurt. Later dark lentil or mash dal is served along with khatta or sweet and sour sauce made from tamarind and gur.

Kullu Manali is home to a large number of restaurants and cafes and the ones situated on the Mall Road do attract lots of travelers who are guaranteed to enjoy great food amid a great ambience and scenic surroundings. The Mall Road is the hub of Kullu Manali and to catch the effervescent spirit this is the place to be and to be seen. The different type of food dishes in Kullu Manali can be found in the various restaurants in and around Kullu Manali and you can choose your pick depending on your choice and preferences.

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